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What is ESOPFi ?

ESOPFi is a comprehensive solution to unlock the full benefit of your passive ESOPs. We provide liquidity at your convenience on your ESOPs. ESOPFi aims to help you unlock extended benefits of your existing wealth by providing a suite of products around your financial assets.

  • Track your ESOPs and watch them grow
  • Extend your ESOPs to avail Credit & Loans instantly
  • Trade your ESOPs for value appreciation
  • Earn Interest on your passive ESOPs

ESOPFi's aim is to make your assets work for you to create wealth. Our first product helps you extend benefits of ESOPs without actually liquidating the position.

ESOPFi is an

One-stop Liquidity solution for all your ESOP needs

Leverage your Vested ESOPs and get a Credit Line for your assets with the flexibility to trade or sell off your shares whenever you want and earn amazing rewards for every transaction that you do on the platform.

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Watch your ESOPs grow

ESOP Tax Loan

Credit for ESOP vesting

Buy/Sell ESOPs

Trade your ESOPs before IPO

Direct Credit Line

Avail Credit on your ESOP value

Your ESOPs are Assets, make it work like one :)

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